City City Bang Bang

Today marked one of the final days of the Fellowship doing activities together.

Being my headphones managed to break the other day, somehow (how, I am not entirely sure, but the left earbud died on me), I knew I had to head down to the city to pick up a replacement pair for the grueling flight looming in the distance. Our group went back to Ikebukuro, one of my first visits here in Tokyo, so it felt rather fitting. The headphones were pretty quick to pick up. We went to a superstore in Ikebukuro that happened to have an entire floor dedicated solely to earbuds. They sound far better than my old free pair I got with my phone. Hopefully they hold up longer too.

After that, we grabbed a final round of sushi from a sushi conveyor belt restaurant. I made no qualms about eating every single piece available. Every piece was delicious and they all hit the spot. Salmon and tuna in particular reign as the kings for a reason. And if you can get a piece of fatty tuna…words can’t even describe the miracle you are being prescribed.

They decided to cap off the trip by having us all try “tapioca tea”, the choice beverage of Japanese high school girls and not of a 22 year old American man. The place serving them was quite amusingly called “SISTERS”, and the entire building was pink. As you can tell, we were the intended audience. The others, of course, found this absolutely hilarious. The drinks cost $3.00 and your man-card.

I can safely say it was the most bizarre beverage I have ever encountered in my life. They are normal tea beverages, but with these weird tapioca bubbles at the bottom that have the consistency of pre-chewed gum. Also, these drinks, if you consume the bubbles, have the same calorie count as a full breaded pork dinner here, which is hysterical. Why this is a thing I am not really clear on. I think everyone else thought it was worth it just to see my reaction to this entire process.

And that was it folks. Tomorrow is my last full day in Japan…how is that even possible?

Phrase of the Day: Tapioca bubbles (Groh-sah) means “Avoid like the plague”.

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